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PCanvas3D API : Lightweight Java 3D Rendering in Pivot 2.0 Applications and Applets


PCanvas3D API

PCanvas3D provides a Pivot component that Java 3D can render into. This API is a derived work from the Java 3D utility JCanvas3D.

OrbitBehaviorPivot API

OrbitBehaviorPivot provides mouse navigation capabilities on a Pivot component (PCanvas3D). This API is a derived work from the Java 3D utitlity OrbitBehavior.

Redistribution and use are permitted according to the standard Java 3D core utility copyright notice (BSD). includes binaries, apidoc, sources, and license.  [download] includes binaries, apidoc, sources, and license.  [download]

PivotWtk2.0J3D API

This API is an attempt to improve the performance of Java 3D offscreen/lightweight rendering by adapting the Pivot package 'org.apache.pivot.wtk'. Changes were made only internally in the classes 'ApplicationContext' and 'DesktopApplicationContext' leaving the public API unchanged. So, simply replace the current Pivot archive 'pivot-wtk-2.0.jar' with 'pivot-wtk-2.0-j3d-1.0.jar'. Following features are affected:

  • Frame visibility : frame is shown not before application's startup method has returned.
  • VolatileImage buffer : cached and reused as long as it has the same size and is still valid.
  • Full-screen mode : simulated instead of exclusive full-screen mode.

Redistribution and use are permitted according to the Apache License 2.0. includes binaries, sources, and license.  [download]

Sample Programs

The sample programs on this page require: Java Plug-in JRE™ 6 Update 10 (6u23+ recommended). The APIs Pivot 2.0 and Java 3D 1.5.2 will be downloaded into your local cache.

Mac™ user: please, check if the out-dated Java 3D version 1.3 is installed in System/Library/Java/Extensions/. It is advisable to remove all Java 3D related files (jar, jnilib).

Best performance is achieved only on systems where Java provides hardware accelerated VolatileImages and if the latest 3D driver version is installed.

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Sample CharacterCube 2.0 [download]

The left button rotates, the middle button zooms, and the right button drags the scene. Center a single character or the cube by a double left mouse click. Zooming in or out changes the size. Selecting one of the viewpoints will reset the scene. The frames per second rate (FPS) is drawn on top of the PCanvas3D component. Toggle between windowed and full-screen mode by 'Control+Shift+F'.